Deep Drawn Parts

Deep Draw Components for Pneumatic Actuators

The shape and dimensions of your component dictate whether it is suitable for deep-drawing, and the material wall thickness is also crucial. However, we are able to deep-draw a wide variety of component sizes, using various metals such as aluminium, nickel-silver, galfan and stainless steel pressing. Deep-draw manufacture is perfect for high-volume, precision metal components, making it a very cost effective manufacturing solution for your component. A big advantage of the deep-drawing process is that deep-drawing can often accommodate long draw components compared to other methods such as stamping.
Nearly all industries could benefit from the deep-draw manufacturing process, especially within industries that have a need for smaller components such as electronics, aviation, automotive and white goods. Deep-drawing also has the advantage of being able to produce complex piercings which can be done in the press, removing the need for costly secondary operations.